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What Is Microsoft Outlook

What is Microsoft Outlook?

You may have found difficulties organizing meetings or other similar issues and that’s why you are here to know a bit more about – ‘What is Microsoft Office Outlook?’ and how this can help you to resolve the issues. Well, let’s have a short description on your query –‘what is Microsoft Office outlook?’

Microsoft Outlook, one of the essential applications included in Microsoft Office Suite, is an email client works mainly as a manager of personal information. Though it is mainly known as an email client, it can also perform the tasks of – journal, note taker, contact manager, task manager and others. It can work as a manager of personal information and a mail client on internet. It has a great use to different organizations as this helps them to organize and coordinate official calendars, employee meetings and shared mails effectively through the Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server.

What Is Microsoft Outlook- The Vision

The present version of Microsoft Office outlook being used is the 2010 version of Microsoft Office Outlook compatible for Windows operating system and for Apple’s Macintosh the latest version is Microsoft Office Outlook 2011. This Microsoft application is available in market both as a separated application and part of Office suite. Now Microsoft has their Outlook version for Smartphone also named ‘Outlook Mobile.’ Numbers of additional add-ons are also available to make this application compatible with other mobile and computer operating systems. I think the brief description above should be ok to make you understand to some extent ‘what is Microsoft office Outlook?’ If that so then consider reading the following brief history of Microsoft Outlook to be effective and efficient about the topic.

The first ever version of Microsoft Office Outlook was introduced by Microsoft Corp. in 1997 as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite 1997. Since then Microsoft has been introducing improved version of Outlook with its every newer version of office suite. This PIM (personal information manager) application is developed based on the principle of Exchange Client and Schedule+. Schedule+ was first introduced in 1992 with the Windows version of 3.11. A Mac version of Schedule+ was also available there. This application got improvement when Windows 95 was developed for the first time in 1995. Exchange Server 4.0 (1996) & 5.0 (1997) was included the Exchange client. Exchange Server version 5.5 didn’t get any new Exchange Client as it took Outlook 97 as the official exchange client. Starting form 1997 Microsoft Office Outlook has been doing a wonderful job. Meanwhile Microsoft has developed the security system, features, interface and graphical presentation of the application with every newer version of their Office Suite.

What Is Microsoft Outlook- Versions And Release Dates

Application Version Release date Compatible Operating Systems & Server
Microsoft Outlook 97 8.0 16th January, 1997 Exchange Server 5.5, Office 97
Microsoft Outlook 98 8.5 21st June, 1998 Included Internet Explorer
Microsoft Outlook 2000 9.0 27th June, 1999 Exchange Server 2000, office 2000
Microsoft Outlook 2002 10.0 31st May, 2001 Windows, Office XP
Microsoft Outlook 2003 11.0 20th November, 2003 Windows, Office 2003
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 12.0 27th January, 2007 Office 2007
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 14 15th July, 2010 Office 2010
Microsoft Office Outlook 2011 14 26th October, 2010 Apple Mac

What Is Microsoft Outlook- Security Issues?
Security: Microsoft is always serious about the security concern and has taken steps to protect the Microsoft Outlook’s reputation. The 2003 version of Microsoft Outlook did not allow loading images in mails (html) and also didn’t allow default opening of executable attachments. It also got a filter for junk mail by default. Service pack 2 of that version got all those features and an additional filter for protecting from phishing.

Another important issue you can find when getting familiar with Microsoft Office Outlook is the confusion regarding similarity between Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. In spite of having similarity in name and developer organization, these two are not the same application. Microsoft had different vision for both of these two applications. So don’t make the mistake while talking about these two.

Microsoft Office Outlook also provides the opportunity to import messages from other sources like the Lotus Notes or Outlook Express. Importing from Thunderbird is also possible but it needs tool which can convert the Thunderbird folder to another format which is importable from Microsoft Outlook Express. This is a folder by folder method. The Thunderbird folder can also be imported with the original format but that needs to use two other free tools.

What Is Microsoft Outlook- One Of The Best Email clients On The Net

We hope to have provided some basic information on Microsoft Office Outlook which should help answer the question about ‘what is Microsoft Office Outlook’ and how it was developed over time. Thanks for visiting What Is Microsoft Outlook. Please feel free to visit the sister site of What Is Microsoft Outlook.

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