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What Is Microsoft OneNote

What is Microsoft OneNote | MS Office OneNote

Microsoft OneNote, designed and introduced by Microsoft Corp. as a part of the Microsoft Office Suite, is an application software and works as a digital notebook which helps to gather all your information and notes in a specific place and supports multi user collaboration. This application supports all sorts of information or note formats and it doesn’t matter whether the note is typed or hand written. Even Microsoft OneNote supports audio and drawing as a form of note and lets you share all these with others through internet. Microsoft Windows is the only platform for which the Microsoft OneNote desktop version is available.

Microsoft OneNote allows users to insert image, table and text through keyboard. Unlike other word processing softwares Microsoft OneNote lets users write anywhere in the document by just clicking there. Another benefit of this program is its auto saving feature. Users just don’t need to use save command as everything written on this document is saved automatically. The pages where the information is saved are organized according to different sections. The application, Microsoft OneNote, has got special interface and features for meeting the purposes of information collection, modification and sharing which is mostly unpolished documents whereas word processing softwares are designed for publishing documents in a organized and polished way. Though this application is mostly used on a desktop or laptop platform, it has special features for the Tablet PCs which enables it to collect information in a form of handwriting, video or audio. Microsoft OneNote has the feature of searching the existing documents or information effectively using different search options. Images, electronic ink annotation, video, audio and text whatever the form of note it may be, it is possible to find out using the search feature.

To help answer the question of What Is Microsoft OneNote, it is something like a shared tool or whiteboard which allows more than one person to work on the same page at a time. This application allows offline editing and that’s why this is ideal for groups working together for research purposes as they all not may be online always. They can edit the notes offline and then can synchronize those notes online. These are some basic features which should help you understand – ‘what is Microsoft OneNote?’

Formats of Files:
The extension .one was the file extension of Microsoft OneNote 2003 version. Later Microsoft upgraded its file format twice when it released Microsoft Office Suite 2007 and 2010. The file created using Microsoft OneNote 2003 can be opened through Microsoft OneNote 2007 and 2010 on a read only condition. Microsoft OneNote 2010 can both write and read the previous version 2007 and also can convert files back and forth between 2007 and 2010. A XML based open format of file is used by Microsoft OneNote 2010.

What Is Microsoft OneNote- Verions and Release Dates

A brief history of release date is as follows according to versions.
Version and event Release date
1st Announcement (public) 17th November 2002
Microsoft OneNote 2003 19th November, 2003
Microsoft OneNote 2003 service pack 1 27th July, 2004
Microsoft OneNote 2003 service pack 2 26th September, 2005
Microsoft OneNote 2003 service pack 3 18th September, 2007
Microsoft OneNote 2007 27th January, 2007
Microsoft OneNote 2007 service pack 1 11th December, 2007
Microsoft OneNote 2007 service pack 2 28th April, 2009
Microsoft OneNote 2010 15th July, 2010
Microsoft OneNote 2010 service pack 1 28th June, 2011

What Is Microsoft OneNote | MS Office OneNote

The first ever version of Microsoft OneNote 2003 is compatible with the operating systems – Windows 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. But the OneNote 2007 version doesn’t support Windows 2000. Windows Live Mesh is supported by Microsoft OneNote which enables storing through cloud based system and editing it online by any OneNote client.
There is no separate version of OneNote Program for Apple Macintosh or Macbook which uses OS X operating system. But the Microsoft office Word version for Apple Mac has a template which has some of the features of OneNote. Microsoft OneNote is now also compatible with Windows Smartphone. Windows Phone Office Hub has got a mobile version of OneNote. A new app of OneNote has been introduced for Apple iOS by Microsoft which is available in the Apple app store. There are separate versions of apps available for both iPhone and iPad.
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