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What Is Microsoft Excel

What Is Microsoft Excel- Explained

The words is nothing new today to us but the basic question is ‘What is Microsoft Excel?’ Microsoft excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet software programs. This program was introduced by Microsoft Corporation and is a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This spreadsheet program enables the users to organize and store numeric data in rows and columns for manipulating mathematically through different arithmetic functions.

This commercial program of spreadsheet, presented by Microsoft Corporation, is produced basically for Mac OS X and Microsoft windows. This application has the basic features of graphing tools, calculation, pivot tables and macro programming language known as visual basic which has made the application even more effective.

This application did not started with its existing name ‘Excel’. In 1982, when the application was first introduced; it was named ‘Multiplan’. Though it got popularity on CP/M systems, it could not win against Lotus 1-2-3 on the MS DOS system. To meet the challenge and even to get it better, in 1985 Microsoft Corporation brought into light the spreadsheet program for MAC called Microsoft Excel. The unique features of that program were the point and click device named mouse and drop down menu. Other spreadsheets could be used only by giving command and that’s the reason why it was not possible to run the application without experts who knew DOS command. Later Microsoft brought the windows version of Excel in November, 1987. By the next couple of years Microsoft got the top position as the computer software developer.

What Is Microsoft Excel- Excel Answered

In its early time MS Excel was targeted by a company for trademark lawsuit as they were also selling a software program named Excel. Microsoft then added the word ‘Microsoft’ before their program name and published this through all formal and informal press releases and documents.

In 1992 both the windows 3.1 and Excel 4 were released and started dominating the market. This was the first time when this spreadsheet program came as a part of the Microsoft Office suit. In the very next year Microsoft brought a newer modified version of MS Excel known as Excel 5.

In 1995 Microsoft Corporation made a revolutionary change in their windows operating system and introduced Windows 95 which made them to redesign and rebrand their office suite including Microsoft Excel. The next few versions of MS Excel continued that trend of branding and designing and we found Excel97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002 and Excel 2003. Though each and every version after Excel 95 was designed based on Excel 95 but they showed extreme improvements in designing and features.

Another remarkable change in designing and functioning we have found in Excel 2007 version. As this version got released in conjunction with MS Vista operating system, it has got some important design elements of Vista like the Ribbon which has replaced the traditional pull down menu of the previous versions. But the most advanced and attractive version Microsoft has ever produced is the Excel 2010 version which has come with numbers of additional and essential features including ‘Revised Ribbon’, ‘Backstage’, ‘ Collaborative Editing’, ‘Protected View’, ‘Sparklines & Slicers’ and many more.

This was a brief history of Microsoft Excel to answer the question- ‘What is Microsoft Excel?’ but the question arises now is what Microsoft Excel is used for.
Well, the most appropriate and effective tasks we do using the Excel spreadsheet software are:
• Managing data records.
• Using as an analytical tool.
• Creating consolidate results and forms.
• Corporate budgeting.
• Inventory management.
• Analysis of breakeven.

MS Excel has reduced the working effort and time but increased the efficiency to the highest level. It enables us presenting our numerical data in different excellent visual styles including table, graph and charts which makes the description easy to understand. The formulas and functions used for calculating and analyzing data in Excel are very dynamic and useful for making informed decision.

Now the question beyond what is Microsoft Excel and why we use this is what the impacts of this application are on individuals and businesses.

What Is Microsoft Excel- Excel Answered

Microsoft Excel has established a profound impact on businesses and individuals through its efficient and effective calculating and analyzing ability. Individual or business budgeting can be done appropriately by using the analyzed visual data and results of proper calculation. This spreadsheet program provides important information for decision making process and help controlling effectively.

These were some primary knowledge about Excel and its different versions introduced over times and their specialties which should make sense and answer the question –what is Microsoft Excel?

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