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What Is Microsoft Access- Database Management

What Is Microsoft Access

When thinking about a database management application, we think about Microsoft Access, knowing or without knowing what it fully entails. Some may not have a full understanding of– what is Microsoft Access. Let’s discover the answer!

Microsoft Office Access, which was known as Microsoft Access earlier, is a database management system produced and maintained by Microsoft Corp. This database system is actually the combination of a graphically presented user interface and software development tools with a Database Engine (Jet) by Microsoft. This database program is one of the parts of MS Office suite.

MS Access manages and organizes data in its own way and also can import data from other databases and programs. Like all other applications of MS Office suite, Access is also supported by the macro programming language, Visual Basic. Before releasing first version of MS Access, Microsoft took two database projects named Omega and Cirrus in the mid 1980s. Then in 1992 on November 13th Microsoft released Access 1.0, the first version ever of MS Access. In the following year Microsoft released version 1.1 of Access to improve the compatibility which included macro’s. Microsoft set a minimum requirement of hardware with Microsoft Windows 3.1 for their next version of Access 2.0 in 1993. Though the software was effective enough for relatively smaller databases, it encountered some errors and damaged data while using or analyzing data of more than 10 MB (megabytes). After some time Microsoft released its more fully developed windows versions such as Windows 95, ME, 98, XP… and at the same time also increased the reliability, stability, scalability, and effectiveness of MS Access.

What Is Microsoft Access

MS Access v7.0 first became one of the parts of MS Office suite compatible with Windows 95. Then a newer version of Access was introduced every time Microsoft introduced a newer version of MS Office suite. The versions released for each operating system by Microsoft are: (v8.0 – Access 97), (v9 – Access 2000), (v10 -Access 2002), (v11.5 – Access 2003), (v12.0 – Access 2007) and (v14.0 – 2010). Version 3.5 and 3.0 had some serious errors and was not usable with any PC which had memory of more than one Gigabyte (gb). V3.5 was improved by Microsoft but v3.0 never got that chance. Later on Microsoft introduced some excellent versions of MS Access with various new features and formats. Access 2007 introduced the newer format of a database named, “ACCDB”, which enabled inserting complex data into Access. The newest version got some extra features added in MS Office 365 of 2010. Access was the first of all general market database applications for Windows. Microsoft Access got the dominating position in the world of database management systems.

We hope this brief history and description of MS Access so far has started to help you with the answer to your question of– what is Microsoft Access? Now let’s continue on for some additional knowledge on MS Access and the uses one might have for MS Access.

Users use the DMS to manage their data in a correct and efficient way to create an effective and structurally sound relational database. Access enables the users to create tables, design forms (according to needs and criteria), generate reports, and various queries based upon a set of criteria specified by the user. Access connects all these to macro’s. Expert database managers can use the advanced level to use VBA for solving technical problems via hard coding. The key purpose of Access is to enable the users to access data from all sources. This is why Access allows importing and exporting data from other programs. It also has the capability to link data of different sources for accessing and manipulation easily.

Access 2007 has got the ability to store all data and application data in a particular file which enables users to run the database in a disconnected environment (offline). Access is totally compatible with SQL (structured query language), and queries can be presented both in a gui (graphical user interface) and as a statement of SQL. An alternative to Jet database engine in Access can be Microsoft SQL Server desktop edition.

What Is Microsoft Access- Office Efficiency

Access database is based on a file server. The Access version of 2010 has got all these features in a more fully developed version and integrated with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, which has been glorified as well. This version has the stored procedures and table level triggers. Now all the basic features of Access such as reporting, queries, designing forms, tables and macro’s are developable specifically for applications which are web based. Microsoft found a critical query error in Access in July 2011 with all its versions performing with Windows Server 2008 R2 and windows 7 operating system. Actually the difference in resource management systems in newer versions of Windows was responsible for this error. Though Microsoft has resolved the issue for Access 2007; 2010, it will not fix the issue of jet 4.0 because of its being out of mainstream support. This shorter but specific description can help you to some extent to discover your answer regarding the question of– what is Microsoft Access and why do we use this?

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