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What Is Microsoft Office

What Is Microsoft Office

What Is Microsoft Office

What is Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office is a proprietary suite of office applications created mainly for the Windows Operating System developed and marketed by software giant Microsoft. Almost instantly after inception, the suite became the industry standard for office work with its main successes being based on the prevalence of the Windows OS. A wee bit about that can be found on our website on the coming to be of Microsoft. As you will soon found out, however, Microsoft Office is not for Windows only.

Inception and Early Versions
The first version of what is Microsoft Office today was launched on 1st August 1989. At the time, it only contained Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. As time went by more and more applications were incorporated into the suite and existing applications were enhanced with more features. Microsoft Office for Windows launched in 1990 to run on Windows 3.0. After that, many yearly versions were produced featuring addition of one application or the other, or upgrading the version of an existent application. For example, the only change in Microsoft Office for Windows 1.5 from the initial 1.0 version was the upgrade of Microsoft Excel for Windows 2.0 to 3.0. The shift from Microsoft Office for Windows 1.5 to 1.6 was addition of Microsoft Mail to the suite. Such was the trend until this naming schematic was abandoned in 1995 to favour one that reflected the year of release.

What is Microsoft Office 95 and 32-bit Office?
Microsoft Office 95 is the first 32-bit of Microsoft Office. It launched in August 1995 in tandem with Microsoft Windows 95. It marked the start of 32-bit versions of office to run on the 32-bit versions of Windows such as Windows 95. Two versions of the suite were released: Microsoft Office 95 Standard which contained Excel, Word and PowerPoint and Microsoft Office 95 Professional which included all the applications in Standard but added Microsoft Schedule and Microsoft Bookshelf (in CD-ROM versions). Microsoft Office 97 followed in the footsteps of its predecessor but added numerous new features like command bars, a grammar checker and Office Assistant. Microsoft Office 2000 allowed users to hide toolbars that they didn’t use frequently. It was a very welcome feature as displaying of toolbars crowded the work area and made working on a small screen hard. This version was the last to support the Windows 95 operating system.

Microsoft Office XP was released in tandem with Microsoft Windows XP but in a funny twist did not have the themes and looks of the operating system. It introduced a safe mode feature which could be used to diagnose and correct errors in applications. Voice command and handwriting recognition were introduced too. It was the first version to feature the controversial product activation anti-piracy system. Microsoft Office 2003 brought the look and feel of Windows XP into Office. It added many new features and introduced Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft InfoPath into the family of applications. A new stylized logo was introduced too. All versions after Office 2003 did support Microsoft Windows 2000. Microsoft Office 2007 featured (or features) a completely revamped user interface called Fluent User Interface which places the menus into one tab called the Ribbon toolbar. The Open XML format (*.docx) was also introduced in this version. Docx documents are much smaller in size than those of the proprietary .doc format. Microsoft Groove debuted in Office 2007.

What is Microsoft Office 64-bit?
Up until Microsoft Office 2010, all version of office have been 32-bit versions. Microsoft Office 2010 sports a new logo and is the first release of Microsoft Office to have 64-bit and 32-bit versions. Microsoft Office 2010 was further enriched with new features with the release of Service pack 1 in June 2011. Microsoft Office 2012 is under development. It will also have a redesigned user interface and a collection of new features. Microsoft Word will have online video and audio capabilities and all applications will have the Metro Design Interface used on some applications of Microsoft Windows Phone.

What is Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft Office for Mac is a version of the office suite released for use on the Macintosh operating system. In a strange twist, Microsoft Office was available for the Mac even before it was available for Windows. Microsoft was the first major software developer for the Macintosh OS to put software on CD-ROM with Microsoft Office 1.0 for Mac. The timeline of the development of Microsoft Office for Mac is not much different from that of Microsoft Office for Windows. They followed a similar naming schematic with updates introducing new applications and features. A noteworthy milestone was introduction of Excel 3.0 in Microsoft Office 3.0 for Mac, which was the first program to support System 7, an OS designed by Apple. Microsoft Office 4.2 for Mac launched in ’94 and was the first complete office suite used on the Power Macintosh. It was however criticized for looking more like Windows than Macintosh, which prompted Microsoft to set up the separate Macintosh Business Unit to develop applications for the Macintosh OS. The division released Microsoft Office 98 for Mac and it contained features unavailable on the ’98 version of Microsoft Office for Windows. Yearly releases continued over the years in step with the releases for the Windows OS. The latest suite in this category is Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac.

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